Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dance Advantage Top Dance Blogs

Dear reader, this week, my blog is a little different, because I need your help. If you read my post Inspired by Melissa, you would have read about one of my favourite dance blogs - Dance Advantage.  This month, Dance Advantage is holding its 2nd annual Top Dance Blog competition and if you enjoy 52 Weeks of Ballet, I'd love it if you could provide your support for this blog. Being listed as a top dance blog in the "adult dancers" category on the Dance Advantage site would help me connect with more adult dancers around the globe and hopefully allow me to share my journey with a larger audience. 

To support this blog, please post a comment below in support of this blog, say why you read this blog, what makes it special or which are your favourite posts. Our blogs will be judged by the number of comment support received below, so please do post a comment below (before 20 December) if you've enjoyed reading 52 Weeks of Ballet!

Dance Advantage is sponsoring this list through: 

I should also mention that following my nomination of Dance Advantage as one of the blogs that most inspires me, Nichelle (of Dance Advantage) did a twist on the theme and weaved together a very creative piece on Melissa and myself, allowing us to ask questions of her as well. Read all about it here and you'll understand why I find Nichelle a very interesting and inspiring blogger. And did I say - it's really exciting to have been featured on Dance Advantage, one of the most established and leading dance blogs out there!


  1. I love reading your blog so I Wish you the best of luck!

  2. I love to read your blog Jean. If I ever do fall behind slightly then I get to savour several of your posts in a row - always wonderful. I love that you are able to articulate so clearly and soulfully the revelations of your journey throughout this year. I am advocating a blog name change to 104 weeks...

  3. '52 Weeks' is such a wonderful blog for us late-blooming adult dancers. This blog puts into words how I feel and it's wonderful to know that I am not alone on this ballet journey. Thanks for a great read!

  4. Thanks Elizabeth, Lynda and Natalie for your support and your kind words! I do enjoy writing about my experiences and thoughts (though it can get stressful sometimes when I know I'm late!) and it's lovely to know that there are readers like yourselves out there who do enjoy the read.

    Hmmm, 104 weeks, Lynda...could we live with the next 52 weeks perhaps? ;)

  5. Yeah! A vote for you my dear! :)

  6. Hi Jean, hope you're enjoy the holiday! sorry I think this web doesn't support mobile comment?? I failed to add a comment with my phone. anyway, I love your blog and hope to read more from you in the new year.