Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's not just exercise

We must have looked really flat today. A few times, Tibor asked the class if we had had a long day and if we were really tired. Because we weren't dancing, he said. We were just going through the motions, and we lacked expression.

"Ballet is about artistry. It's not just exercise!" he said, as he urged us to dance, and be more expressive. "If you don't present, it's no point doing it, you know what I mean?" he said a little exasperatedly. At one point, he had to stop us in the middle of an exercise, and bite his tongue "I won't be mean" he said, as he tried to choose better words to express what he really wanted to say. He needed us to take a deep breath and bring our minds and focus back into class and within ourselves.

I totally get what he says about expression and artistry. About performing. But my biggest challenge is trying to look confident and to present myself, when I'm struggling with technique and trying to remember the steps!

I always smile to myself when I find myself instructing the body "pull-up! turn-out! elbows up! knees straight! hips square! ....and oh! remember to relax your shoulders and neck, smile and enjoy yourself!" I guess no one ever said ballet was easy, but hopefully someday (soon) I'll be able to relax and smile more than frown and shake my head.


  1. It is a lot to think about, isn't it? I started ballet as an adult at 20, and now at 53 I can't believe how hard it still is. So much to think about. All.The.Time.

  2. Please tell me it does get easier, at least? I hope I will still be dancing at 53 as you are! It just struck me the other day that adult dancers get so many more years of dancing than those who start at a young age and give it up in their 20's (as I nearly did).